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Lessons from Elijah
Bible Study

7:00 PM Mondays
Beings June 6th
15 Weeks
 Elijah was a major character in the bible. He performed many miracles and took a stand against the wicked King and Queen of Israel - Ahab and Jezebel . There are many lessons pertaining to faith and trusting in God. In addition, Elijah’s life was full of victories , yet he also had failures. As we study his life we can learn those lessons where he trusted God and stepped out in faith and where he failed to depend and trust in God and had failures. The Lord was so candid with sharing the strengths and weaknesses of His servants recoded in the Bible. These things were written for our instruction Many of us learn what we know through the school of “hard knocks”. Yet , there is a better way. We can learn through others mistakes. Elijah is one of those Bible characters the Lord has used to teach us some great lessons. I think those lessons can have a great impact on our lives.
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