Whether you aim to find opportunities for weekly prayer or are looking for that one shot of inspiration, at Hamptons Church, we offer a series of programs that cater to nurturing your spiritual well-being.  For our diverse student body, we have opportunities for fellowship every day of the week. Our church sermons are delivered with the purpose to serve, take care of, and engage optimally every chance they get, extending beyond the city and reaching for all those in need of spiritual guidance around the world.
At Hamptons Church, our Bible Study Fellowship offers a chance to form a deeper relationship with God and Christ. We also offer Bible Studies for Women and online bible study because, as a Church, we are determined to foster and encourage the High Love of God among both His men and women, respectively.
Our Motivation is Discipleship! We aim to read and complete the Bible this year.  Join us every morning from Mondays to Fridays for a 30 to 45 minutes session as we read, ponder, and discuss the Holy Word of the Lord.

Bible Study for Kids

Bible Studies and Church Sermons to revitalize your soul

At Hamptons Church, we want to empower the children and youth of today, for they are the future of tomorrow. Emphasis on Bible study for kids has been laid to get the spiritual education they need from the start. 
We believe in diversity and inclusion. Every man and woman of God has the right to learn. We are constantly working hand in hand with different communities. We love God’s people and celebrate differences; we don’t just talk about heaven. 
The words of God, when delivered through church sermons and preachings, purify a soul because it is the most vital source of Grace. Our Church emphasizes a holistic method of cleansing a soul. Join us whenever you can to get access to church sermons and preachings.
We also offer online bible study to get a chance to get religious education from your house.
We help make people realize that you can create paradise within you and around you.  

Join Us. 
Únete a nosotros

We have opportunities for fellowship almost every day of the week. We invite you to join any meeting at anytime.
Tenemos oportunidades de compañerismo casi todos los días de la semana.
Le invitamos a unirse a cualquier reunión en cualquier momento.
Sunday Pre-Service Prayer / Oración previa al servicio dominical

9:30 PM Sundays / Domingos

On Sundays, we hold the Pre-Service Prayer at 9:30 AM sharp. For in-person and in-sanctuary bible study and prayer meetings.

Los domingos, llevamos a cabo la oración previa al servicio a las 9:30 a. m. en punto. Para estudios bíblicos y reuniones de oración en persona y en el santuario.

Oraciones / Prayer Call

7:00 AM Lunes a Viernes / M-F
Únase a nosotros de lunes a viernes a las 7:00 a.m. para orar juntos y comenzar nuestro día en la Palabra.
Join us weekdays at 7:00am to prayer together and begin our day in the Word.
Meeting ID: 952 889 3436
Passcode: 2022

Estudio Bíblico
Jueves 7:30 PM
Únase al pastor Habacuc todos los jueves para el estudio bíblico y la oración.