Join Us for Bible Study And Prayer Meeting 

Bible Study Fellowship

At Hamptons Church, we offer a series of programs that cater to nurturing your spiritual well-being.  For our diverse community, we have opportunities for fellowship every day of the week.
At Hamptons Church, our Bible Study Fellowship offers a chance to form a deeper relationship with Jesus. 

 Invitations are always open for all those who wish to join any meeting at any time.

Join us. 

We have opportunities for fellowship almost every day of the week.
We invite you to join any meeting at anytime.

Sunday Pre-Service Prayer

9:30am Sundays
On Sundays, we hold the Pre-Service Prayer at 9:30 AM sharp. For in-person and in-sanctuary bible study and prayer meetings.
Join us on Sundays before service as we pray together.

Sunday Service

10:00am Sundays 
Join us in person at Hamptons Church on Sundays at 10am for Worship & Sermon.  
Currently live streaming on and will be streaming here soon!

Weekday Morning Bible Study

Miércoles discusión

7:00am Weekdays
6:00pm Wednesdays
We are reading the Bible in a Year! Join us every weekday morning for 30-45 minutes as we read and discuss the bible.

Join us Wednesdays as we discuss the word of Lord in Spanish.